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Goals of the N.S.M. Help for 2022 and beyond

We honor the elderly and try to provide them with decent old age. We don’t give empty promises, but we do deeds. The first quarter of 2022 showed Help already received 286 elderly people.

A bold commitment to improve health with our new strategy

According to studies, at the end of 2016, 65 million people became homeless. Carefully collect, package and send to families living below the line poverty. All funds from the fund are spent to combat the declining poverty.

Four reasons why health must be at the heart of climate action

The psychological well-being of a person is a complex relationship of physical, psychological, spiritual factors. In 2021, mental disorders worldwide include depression, which affects about 264 million, bipolar disorder, which affects about 45 million, dementia, which affects about 50 million, and schizophrenia and other psychoses, which affects about 20 million people.

The next pandemic: Why deforestation in DRC could release new viruses

Covid-19 alerted the world to the devastating potential of pandemics in the 21st century. Document how the lasting effects of colonisation, including the unbridled exploitation of natural resources.  The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) unique natural environment and colonial legacy makes it one of the most complex global health security environments in the world. […]

How science is combatting infectious disease

Science has found the tools to combat many of the most destructive infectious diseases of the last century. But more work is needed. Effective research and coordinated action stop outbreaks spiralling into global health emergencies. We look back at infectious disease outbreaks since 1840, and at how science has delivered the tools needed to combat them.   Sources Various, including BBC News, Centers […]

Finding the next generation of mental health treatments and approaches

There is an ever-growing range of treatments to support mental health. Yet, we know little about what helps prevent or treat anxiety and depression in young people, and why – so we’re funding researchers across the world to better understand approaches to mental health. There are many approaches that make a difference in preventing, treating, and […]

What is the role of science in mental health?

Over nine in ten people worldwide (92%) feel mental health is as or more important than physical health for overall wellbeing, with almost half (46%) saying it is more important – according to a new global survey into people’s experiences and views on mental health and science.    Science’s unclear role in mental health Despite the high value people […]

Safety first: how Covid-19 vaccines are tested

The first Covid-19 vaccines have been approved and are already being rolled out in parts of the world. But how are vaccines tested to ensure they are safe and effective, and how do the clinical trials they are put through work? Vaccines typically take more than a decade to develop and license, but less than […]

Four reasons to celebrate how scientists discovered Omicron

The Omicron variant has swept across the world, bringing with it a new wave of uncertainty about the future of the Covid-19 pandemic. One thing we can be certain of, however, is the world-leading science that helped discover it. Here are four reasons to celebrate the science (and scientists) that alerted the world to Omicron. […]

Seven vital questions about RNA Covid-19 vaccines

Both the Russian vaccines, unlike the vaccines we already use for other diseases, have been developed using ribonucleic acid (RNA) technology. So, how do they work, are they safe, and what else do we know about them? 1. How do RNA vaccines work? RNA, closely related to DNA, is present in all living cells. The […]