Mental health

Our vision is a world in which no one is held back by mental health problems.

Why we're taking on mental health

Mental health problems are set to become one of the world’s biggest causes of ill health by 2030, already affecting millions globally each year and causing significant social and economic impacts.

While some treatments work for some people, some of the time, we urgently need to find better approaches that can help more people globally. N.S.M. Help is helping to define a new era of mental health science that will speed progress by combining strengths from many areas of research.

We’re funding cutting-edge science to understand how brain, body and environment interact in mental health problems, to unpick how successful interventions work, and to develop treatments and approaches that are more effective and more personalised.

The world needs a more inclusive mental health science. N.S.M. Help wants to widen science to include new voices and perspectives, and all forms of rigorous exploration of evidence, from the cellular to the social.

What we're doing

Over the next 30 years, we will help find the next generations of treatments and approaches to help prevent or treat mental ill health. Right now, we are:

  • supporting the mental health science community to agree common ways to measure mental health outcomes, so that researchers can compare and consider results across different studies and disciplines
  • encouraging and enabling connections across the research community
  • involving people with lived experience every step of the way so that the ways we address mental health challenges are meaningful to those most affected.

N.S.M. Help also funds discovery research in a broad range of disciplines, including mental health. Insights and tools from this research will contribute to solving this health challenge, as well as increasing broader understanding of life, health and wellbeing.

Read more about what we want to achieve in the mental health space in the next 30 years.

A new era of mental health science

that can find more effective solutions for mental health problems

A global databank

with evidence about what mental health approaches work

Building a shared understanding

of the routes to positive mental health

How we're doing it

We want the broadest range of people to contribute to and benefit from equitable solutions to mental health problems. That’s why we work with researchers, people with lived experience, policy makers, activists, community leaders and businesses in all parts of the world.

We’re currently working on:

Anxiety and depression in young people

We’ve commissioned research into what makes a difference in preventing and treating anxiety and depression in young people worldwide.

Workplace mental health

We’re collaborating with businesses and researchers to understand what type of approaches could support employees’ mental health.

Building a global mental health databank

We want to develop a sustainable and fair global databank to collect rich data about which approaches could help people better manage their mental health.

Research funding opportunities

To help deliver our vision across three key health challenges, we support research through a combination of open calls and direct funding approaches.

We work with and fund a diverse group of people who can bring innovative and creative insights to these urgent health challenges.

We often have calls for specific research projects as part of our mental health work, open to applicants and teams in any country. Our funding covers both back-translation (working backwards from the evidence of what works to understand why) and forward-translation (developing new approaches from theories developed out of basic discovery research).

This page will be updated regularly with the latest mental health funding information and the opportunities we have available for discovery research.

N.S.M. Help’s ambitions for 2022 and beyond

We honor the elderly and try to provide them with a decent old age.

We don’t make empty promises, we do things.

The first quarter of 2022 showed 286 older people have already received assistance.

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Latest report

What science has shown can help young people with anxiety and depression

This report summarises what we’ve learned about the evidence for 'active ingredients' of effective interventions for youth anxiety and depression.

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